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38 portraits of history's greatest champions auctioned,

for the benefit of young people in remission from cancer


A great reason
to be charitable

The Greatest collection was initiated in order to support the amazing work of Lausanne based project Léman hope - that offers to young people in remission from cancer, a confidence boost and opportunity to restart their lives after treatment, using unique and powerful 5 day sailing trips on Lac Geneva.


The biggest names
of modern sport

The Greatest, produced by French artist David Jamin, pays tribute to 38 exceptional sporting personalities who have left a lasting positive impact on society. The entire collection will be exhibited at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne between 26 October and 18 December (including 13 days open to the public).


A charitable evening
in a unique environment

Organised with the support of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, and generous donors, a charitable evening will be held on Tuesday 13 December 2022, during which 30 or so of the portraits from the collection will be auctioned off for the profit of Léman hope and the young people it serves.

It will also be possible to participate in the “The Greatest for Léman hope” auction remotely.


David Jamin

Originally from the south of France, David Jamin studied plastic art in Calais, then spent 15 years on the Cote d’Opale. In 2013 he returned to the south and launched his art gallery in Uzes. His figurative style connects with the heart and soul of each of the subjects. A painter of humanity, his artworks are alive and yet serene. His work has met with great success across European galeries and private collectors. He currently exhibits in the UK, China, South Korea and the Netherlands.

at the Olympic Museum

A perfect match

After being shown off at the Crans Ambassador Hotel (Crans-Montana, Switzerland), and at the boutique hotel ‘Metafort’ (Provence, France), during the summer of 2022, the 38 works of the The Greatest art collection will be exhibited at the Olympic Musuem, Lausanne, from the 26th of October to the 18th of December 2022.

This unique exhibition, supported by the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, will be open to the public on 13 special days, from 0900-1800:


- October: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th

- November: Sunday 6th, the weekend of 12-13th,  Sunday 20th

- December : weekends of 3-4th, 10-11th, Tuesday 13th, and 17-18th.


I’d like to support Léman hope


The mission of Léman hope is to support young people in remission from Cancer, in Switzerland, by offering them a confidence boost via sailing and adventure. The objective of Léman hope is that by 2030 to be able to offer 300 young people per year this opportunity to reset and restart their lives.


Every year in Switzerland, 300 new cases of cancer are detected in young people. 3000 young people have been diagnosed with cancer here, that if they survive leaves real scars. Léman hope is there for them with the hospital treatments end.


Léman hope exists thanks only to private donations and support from companies. It is a project of the Chiki Foundation, whose mission is to support young people by education, sport, nature and family.


You are the greatest too!

This project would never have existed without the generous support and engagement

of a number of supporters, who each in their own way have brought financial, human and logistical support.

A huge thank you to them and the following organisations. You’re the greatest too!


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